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Feb 12, 2013 11:30pm EST
. it tolls for thee. so my only makeup?story betrue match.n. with 33 shades, l'oreal's technology matches your skin's tone and undertone. there's only one true match for me. true match from l'oreal. we have some delicious chateaubriand-- my personal favorite. or if you prefer something lighter, a poached dover sole in a delicate white wine sauce with just a hint of saffron. oh, saffron. that sounds good. and today, we're featuring wines from the tuscany region. tuscany! tuscany! hi. can i get to my seat? you're just going to have to wait. no, but i-- i'm right there. you just passed it. i'm sitting next to that guy. you're not supposed to get up during the food service. well, nobody told me that. look. this plane is full. i got a lot of people to serve. now, please. you'll just have to wait. there it is, gate 46. plenty of time. grossbard's plane leaves in 10 minutes. there's still time to catch him. how? he probably boarded the plane already. quick. your credit card. my credit card? the card. don't ask any questions. not unless you tell me what it's for. for a ticket to get on that fligh
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1